So, who the hell is this guy, anyway?
A picture of me

My name's Brendon Higgins. Hi! Other monikers I've assumed at some point include bh_doc, Tachyon, and QTachyon. I'm a 30-odd-year-old Australian, currently residing in Ontario, Canada. I'm interested in information technology and science, so much so that I have a degree in the former, and a PhD in the latter. My CV is here. I'm currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Institute for Quantum Computing, working on quantum-optics apparatuses targeted for Earth-orbiting satellites. Fun stuff.

I'm a self-confessed geek, a perfectionist, and a secular humanist with interests in science, technology, open-source software, nature, art and drawing, and music. You can talk to me at <brendon@quantumfurball.net>.

So, what is this?

This is my little home-on-the-web. I'll post here various bits and pieces about projects I'm working on, things I've published, notes I've made, places I've travelled, software I've written, thoughts, links... basically, whatever smattering of my interests I decide are worthy to write-up and share with the world. Enjoy!