How to find, and obliterate, large files in the history of a subversion repository

Sometimes, as I have, you'll find yourself working with colleagues who, through no fault of their own, are either not acquainted with the etiquette of Subversion repository use, or simply have an accident. What you may then end up with is a repository that contains one or more giant blobs of useless data that, really, should never have been added in the first place. Whether or not the culprit well-intentionedly removes these giant blobs in subsequent revisions, you're still left with a huge chunk of nothing-much wasting space on your server's hard drive.

Though a long-standing item on Subversion's wishlist, there is no command that will simply obliterate files from the repository's history. Nevertheless, there is a way to achieve this. Here's how.

The first step of the process is to determine which files need to go. (Some snippets in the following are derived from StackOverflow and Christosoft blog.) First …

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