A new beginning: Relaunching my website

Some time ago in a far off land, I kept a website. It was a cozy little website, housing a few bits and bobs that I had made and thought to share should other people find them at all useful. It was hosted with my ISP, accessible via a free domain, which made things cheap and easy for me, but also meant that if I were ever to move I'd have to find a new host, or lose my site.

Of course I moved and I lost my site. This was a couple of years ago, now. From then until now I've been meaning to get this thing back up and running at some point, but lack of time and real impetus meant that it didn't happen. Recently I got my butt into gear and began a focused effort to finally get it off the ground, getting myself some cheap hardware and a new domain name for the purpose.

What you see here is the result—welcome to Quantum Furball! Over the next little while I'll be reposting old things (backdated as accurately as I can guess), along with things I should've posted at the time, and I hope to be posting new stuff as time progresses. Definitely this will end up being more of a blog than the site I used to have, and that will give me the opportunity to post more useful snippets as I encounter them, as well as bits of personal interests and escapades. I hope that ultimately it's all interesting and useful.

Oh, and if you like technical things, this may interest you: This website is brought to you by a Raspberry Pi. :)

Comment to add? Send me a message: <brendon@quantumfurball.net>

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