Published in Nature: Entanglement-free Heisenberg-limited phase estimation

This post marks the day of my first publication in a scientific journal. And it just so happens to be in Nature. For those not in the know, Nature is one of the highest-tier multidisciplinary journals in the world (if not the highest-tier: ongoing competition with Science makes that perennially debatable). As you can imagine, I'm pretty chuffed about that.

In this work, we developed and experimentally demonstrated an algorithm for phase measurement utilizing techniques from quantum control and quantum computation to achieve efficiency at the fundamental limit, better than any classical method, without requiring quantum entanglement. A thousand thanks to my coauthors and colleagues who gave me the opportunity to be a leading part of this project.

B. L. Higgins, D. W. Berry, S. D. Bartlett, H. M. Wiseman, and G. J. Pryde
Nature 450, 393–6 (2007)

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